We spent three years running the Glebe Spring Festival under the umbrella of the Isle of Man Dressage Group & we got the impression you liked the event! So when the time came to move on you asked us to carry on! Haydn & Jo who own the Glebe Stables were up for it too, so we asked the right people – could it be done & they said YES.

Our plan is to continue running two affiliated competitions a year at the Glebe, so those of you who need qualifying marks can get um & then go & strut your stuff in the UK, & those of you not too fussed about that but love the competition, because let’s face it it’s just a lovely venue, & great friendly atmosphere you can enter too! Any surpluses will be ploughed back into the competition either Haydn renewing our dressage boards, venue improvements or maybe some more glitzy rossies – we’ll play by ear.

We sure aren’t perfect but we’re trying to the do the right thing.

The Team

Jenny, Andrew, Jo & Haydn